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Camden is in the process of being ruined

07 December, 2017

St James Garden

• COUNCILLOR Georgia Gould, I know you are genuinely trying to help the various factions of Camden residents (Time to join the debate on our future, December 1).

And as one who has religiously attended countless meetings over the years, I feel, each time, just as you apparently imply, I’m simply venting, that is all.

Much of the frustration is filtered down from the House of Commons, with a back-up aggravation from our own London City Hall.

I believe Camden pays the highest taxes in the country. Yet it is pulverised in every way, even though it boasts of many highly valuable British organisations like museums, libraries, universities, research institutions, zoo, and tourist attractions such as jazz clubs and the Camden Lock market, not to mention large green park spaces and an artistic and humanitarian milieu that goes historically way back.

Our Camden is in the process of being totally ruined by uninspired housing building blocks being given planning permission. Not just one, but many.

When affordable housing is for incomes of £40,000 per year, it’s a no-brainer to know that the dearth of social housing will not be thus alleviated.

And there’s the additional devastation of the expensive HS2 train, built seemingly only to increase Britain’s debt when there are two affordable existing trains that run from London to Scotland.

Why are there rows and rows of empty houses in cities north of London? Why is England’s air pollution one of the highest in Europe and the United States?

Why are many people, including foreigners, allowed to invest in houses and flats, only to leave them empty for years, while real estate increases; perhaps only to be used for a couple of days per year?

What happened to major investment in renewable energy, that would provide new industry to these towns that are emptying into London so necessitating greater London accommodation?

With manufacturing and businesses in smaller cities, HS2 wouldn’t suck more people into London.

I now come down to a specific ask. Please make a small green park in Centric Close, NW1 7EP, to replace St James Garden and most of Euston Square Garden which is being seized by HS2 Ltd.

Thousands of oxygen-giving mature trees are being cut down across England for the track to be prepared for HS2 Ltd. This is only made legal because HS2 passed into law as a hybrid bill.

St James Garden and Euston Square Garden were pockets of better air quality with their mature trees and green grass. I am not alone in thinking a replacement of an equal footage open green space is needed to replace them where children played; their lungs less harmed.

The proposed few square metres of grass here and there, with saplings, is not adequate air quality compensation for all these imminent long-term, massive, construction sites in Camden.



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