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Camden is managing austerity by penalising its workforce

05 July, 2018

• I WRITE in support of the caretaking service and, indeed, all other Camden Council employees being put under pressure to accept a new working contract that is clearly inferior to their current one.

The current contract specifies 37.5 hours per week. The new one states that it will be 37.5 hours “plus”. The current contract pays you time-and-a-half for working on a Saturday and double-time on a Sunday.

The new contract pays you not a penny extra for working on a Saturday and only a 10 per cent premium for working on a Sunday, and even that only kicks in for working above three hours.

Camden offered a payment to each worker for signing over to the new contract. Many have rightly refused to sign these bad deals.

Camden is now attempting to force these people onto the inferior contracts on offer by sacking them and rehiring them under the new terms. How can Camden possibly hope to retain good staff when they treat them in such a shabby way?

Once again the devotees of Blair/ Brown and the bankrupt New Labour project have made an ideological decision to manage austerity rather than oppose it. This time they have chosen to do it at the expense of their own workers. They must not be allowed to succeed.

Raglan Street, NW5


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