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Camden looks much the same as before

21 April, 2017

• CONGRATULATIONS for your coverage of the issue of the rubbish following the new waste collection contract (Sorry about the mess!).

And well done Cllr Meric Apak for accepting responsibility for the problem and issuing an unreserved apology to residents.

This is an issue that affects all of us, wherever we live in the borough, and we have a right to expect a really good service. I have heard a number of complaints, with some residents angry and other seriously distressed by the problems they have faced.

So I decided to have a good look around a large chunk of Camden at the weekend. I went by bicycle and on foot. I went on council estates and along streets. I spoke to everyone I could. And I must say that although there are problems, they do not seem as severe as they first appeared.

Camden looks much as it ever did: not the cleanest place in the world, but not a war zone. I saw no vast heaps of rubbish bags of the kind you had on your April 13 front page.

This is not to suggest that they may not exist but from my travels around the borough I have to say they are not readily evident.

As the contract beds down, and as residents’ concerns are addressed, I hope this problem will fade. Until then we need everyone to keep contacting the council to ensure it’s properly tackled.

Ryland Road, NW5


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