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Camden must find a place for Richard Everitt’s memorial

25 June, 2020

• AT this very moment in time, when people are in uproar about status and memorials being defaced or removed, Camden Council are no different from those that do this.

A memorial was placed to remember Richard Everitt, a young, innocent boy, who’s life was taken by a gang of youths who have not all been brought to justice still to this day.

All Camden Council have done now is to open these old wounds, bring heartbreak once again to his family, and to have the audacity to do it thinking no one would notice.

Well Camden are very wrong, it has been noticed. There are plenty of places this could have been moved to with the co-operation of Richard’s family.

When inquiries were made by the family, the council said the plaque been lost. So they have not only removed it but have carelessly lost it.

I believe Camden should find this plaque and replace it in a place agreeable with Richard’s family. As the council say, “We encourage participation from all sections of our diverse community”.

Well – this is our participation. It’s a shocking way to treat a local family and the memorial for their young son, taken so cruelly.



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