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Camden must look again at its development policy

14 August, 2020

• I AGREE with Owen Ward regarding the harm caused by the gross overdevelopment of parts of our borough, (The planning system is weighted in favour of those with money, August 6).

Camden appear to be pursuing a reckless growth agenda for no other reason than to harvest payments for Community Infrastructure Levy and affordable housing.

The harm caused outweighs the benefit. There is a similar problem with carbon offset payments.

Rather than pioneer a new form of development that addresses the need to build zero carbon buildings, they carry on with business as usual and just ask developers to pay a bit of compensation. This in no way alleviates the damage done to the environment.

We need a wholehearted change to development in Camden, to support the delivery of affordable housing and zero-carbon development.

You cannot achieve good outcomes by doing bad development. Camden should call a halt to the speculation which creates a vicious circle of increasing land values, and seek a more sound and responsible way forward.

Malden Road, NW5


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