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Camden ought to replace Veolia

14 February, 2020

• THESE recycling bins on Malden Road were clearly overflowing with rubbish and were reported repeatedly.

Despite this seemingly straight-forward problem, Veolia could do nothing until the complaint was “escalated” and the bins were eventually emptied on five days later on Friday.

During this process we learned that the four-month old green “housings” aren’t suitable and will have to be replaced.

Four months old! And these are multiplied umpteen times over across the borough. Recycling issues anyone?

This is yet another illustration of complete incompetence. Veolia’s failures have been endlessly and exhaustively reported.

There’s only one question now left to ask… When is the London Borough of Camden going to end the contract with this operator?

The cabinet member responsible must reply, giving a course of action.



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