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Camden should act on health and safety with construction work

22 May, 2020

Cllr Danny Beales

• AT a time of national crisis we look to our elected representatives for support and provide effective leadership.

It’s a shame that there are some councillors who are either unable or incapable of doing so.

I’ve been a Labour voter all my life so this isn’t a political disagreement, it’s about truth, honesty and social justice.

Camden has a multitude of construction works going on around the borough.

We have six within a 500-metre radius. Residents witness infringements of new coronavirus regulations on a daily basis.

This increases the risk of transmission and puts the lives of both workers and residents at risk.

Camden Council and Cllr Danny Beales, cabinet member for investing in communities and an inclusive economy, say there is nothing they can do but negotiate with the contractors. The rules are not “mandated”.

I contacted the Health and Safety Executive and this isn’t true. They are mandated and they are enforceable.

The council should be escalating infringements to them and they can enforce. For the HSE this is not a time for negotiation, but a time for action.

It makes me wonder what the motives are for misinforming residents. Could it be that the drive to have developments completed outweighs the cost of human life?

I was sceptical about calls for a vote of no confidence in Cllr Beales, but his ineffectiveness and providing wrong advice to residents makes me believe it’s the right thing to do.

Elected members are there to serve the community not impose their wishes on them.

For the safety of workers, your family and yourself, I suggest people bypass our ineffective local council and report infringements of coronavirus regulations in the workplace to the HSE.

Because we can’t rely on Camden Council and Cllr Beales to protect and support us.



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