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Camden should engage face-to-face with residents on new rubbish collection services

16 March, 2017

• NOT only have Camden Council short-changed NW3 residents with not the same rubbish collection as the rest of the borough but at the WAC Arts building in Belsize Park, council officers short-changed Belsize residents with a poor presentation of Camden’s rubbish/recycling programme compared with a grand visual presentation by another officer, the night before, at St Stephen’s church for Hampstead residents.

It would have been more efficient and professional of Camden had they informed all residents of one meeting at St Stephen’s which we all could have attended.

But I suspect they are “sneaking” these services through without adequate consultation.

I just wonder how many residents knew about either meeting.

I certainly was not informed by Camden.

The only reason I knew about the Hampstead meeting was through local resident Jessica Learmond-Criqui’s weekly newsletter and the Belsize meeting through local estate agent Angela King.

If folk want to know what’s going on in their name in NW3 I suggest they sign up with Jessica’s newsletter at

Otherwise goodness knows what Camden will do to us without us knowing.

If Camden want residents to engage with their new services they must listen to residents face-to-face and give another presentation to all at St Stephen’s.

I for one feel left out down the hill in Belsize.

So come on Camden, treat all your residents equally with the same information and service.

Thanks to councillors who managed to get officers from Camden to speak to us.

I know that it was a struggle for them to get even these presentations from the authority.

Belsize Lane, NW3


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