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Camden simply want to squeeze car use and Covid-19 is an excuse

25 June, 2020

• THE council are using Covid-19 to impose far-reaching, controversial, road closures and footway schemes without proper local consultation.

Camden say it will be necessary to control traffic more because there will be more cars on the road because people are advised to use public transport less. So they should make it possible for cars to flow more freely.

They propose to widen footways to follow the two-metre rule. But this is to be put aside. Camden simply want to squeeze car use.

They say their measures, costly in people’s cash and motorists’ time, will be temporary and reviewed. They make no promise of proper consultations or of objective independent review.

This process has all the hallmarks of arbitrary government: calling something temporary which is designed to be permanent. Everyone affected needs to tell their councillors exactly what they think.



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