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Camden Town Unlimited is always happy to support democracy

13 September, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn supporters on the widened pavement near Camden Town tube station

• I WAS amused to see that John Gulliver gave us credit for the pavement widening outside the Camden Town branch of HSBC, which he says is providing a soap-box for Momentum and a platform for buskers, (A soap box venue in the heart of our borough, September 6).

In actual fact CTU did not fund this piece of pavement as the GLA and TfL had funding from the Olympic pot. Our attention was instead directed to the other end of the High Street – to the new Cobden junction, where the long-neglected statue of Richard Cobden was lovingly restored and where the Far East Prisoners of War Memorial – paid for through the generosity of the New Journal readers – could be given a home.

In any case, politics aside, we thank John for drawing attention to our role (albeit incorrectly) in this creation of “another Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner” – CTU is always happy to support democracy in action.

Chief Executive,
Camden Town Unlimited (CTU)


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