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Camden treat us like the enemy

13 July, 2017

• IT’S our experience that the staff at Camden Council do not discriminate between private and council residents – we’re all the enemy.

Only influential developers are listened to. How many (futile) petitions have we all signed against High Speed 2, Cycle Superhighway 11 and latterly the appalling impact of demolition and redevelopment at 100 Avenue Road? This to create a 24-storey skyscraper darkening and blighting the landscape and causing mayhem at the same time as the implementation of CS11 and HS2.

Cllr Phil Jones and his team and Transport for London are determined to go ahead with these projects while thousands suffer uncertain futures in Camden tower blocks.

God help anyone needing urgent treatment in the Royal Free Hospital as the ambulance team try to negotiate their way around Swiss Cottage when all these works are carried out.

Getting through by phone to anyone on the council is nigh impossible despite them working in the luxury of their posh new HQ. On the rare occasions one is answered by a human you are encouraged to maintain contact via the internet.

I think the council should be forced to sell their state-of-the-art new offices and revert to Judd Street, which they still own. The money raised should go directly to the upgrading/safety features needed to make the tower blocks safe and pleasant to live in.

Those living in private houses may also be imperilled as we have no idea of the long-term effects of the neighbouring super-basements and over-building so beloved by developers and Camden planning and their enforcement teams.

Cllr Jones wants us all to ditch our cars while super-sized HGVs blight our lives on a several-times daily basis, as they bump down narrow, mainly Victorian, streets servicing their latest “projects”



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