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Camden’s consultations have not been acted upon

07 December, 2017

• ONE can, of course, only applaud Councillor Georgia Gould’s call for residents, rebellious or otherwise, to join the debate on the borough’s future, (Time to join the debate on our future, December 1).

Just one little thing is missing, a commitment to do something about the views collected. For example, back in 2015 Camden Council conducted an excellently run consultation on the regeneration of Gospel Oak which resulted in almost 1,000 responses.

The major priority in the excellent report, produced in May 2016, was the revitalisation of Queen’s Crescent (54 per cent) followed by housing (49 Per cent) and public safety (48 per cent).

Since then here has been a deafening silence and the virtual collapse of what had been a vibrant street market in 2015.

Taking the Chalcots incident, residents were promised a full, independent, and open inquiry, including why the blocks needed emergency evacuation when a very extensive and costly refurbishment had been completed only five years ago.

We understand the inquiry will now only consider the evacuation and the work carried out subsequently.

Will Councillor Gould endorse the pledge of the leader of the national Labour Party’s to hold votes of residents living on estates on proposals to redevelop their housing?

There are many, many, more examples. Expensive consultations may seem a “good thing” (especially for consultants) but as the three examples quoted here are plainly diversionary from actually carrying out residents’ wishes.



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