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Canalside developments decision should send a message

25 January, 2018

• YOUR report highlighted several of the reasons for the dismissal of the Bangor Wharf appeal (Canalside homes appeal thrown out, January 18).

In its plans for 46 flats, housing association One Housing failed to provide homes affordable to the “squeezed middle”, produced a scheme that was detrimental to the character of the Regent’s Canal conservation area as well as the local and wider streetscape, and impacted on the privacy of future residents and those of Royal College Street.

As a key campaigner against the proposal, along with Penny Gamez, I would like to add that as members of the public we felt we received a fair hearing throughout the process, from both Camden Council’s principal planning officer and government planning inspector.

During the appeal we were listened to and took part in a site visit, which was important to us in that it allowed the inspector to gain more local knowledge and enter impacted homes.

I am hoping the outcome will say to developers elsewhere on the canal that it is not OK to build twice as high as the surroundings, to chop down protected trees, to ignore conservation area advice and offer bland, dispiriting architecture.

Reachview Close, NW1


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