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Cars are bad for our health

18 February, 2021

• WORK has started on Torriano Avenue to build a longed-for cycle track. This has necessitated closure of this road while the major works are undertaken.

It has given us a glimpse into what a truly Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) could look like. It’s great. A safe place for people of all ages and abilities to travel, with benefits on noise and air pollution.

The Covid-19 pandemic gives us a chance to rethink. I am unaware of a single health benefit of car use. As a society we face an epidemic of obesity, loneliness, and asthma. Car use is contributory to all.

Camden Council is making good progress on installation of cycle tracks with very limited resources. However its target of zero road deaths by 2041 is somewhat disappointing.

Oslo (which has a population three times that of Camden) achieved it in 2020. Perhaps resources should be diverted from “consulting”. The council does not consult on the need for window-locks in high-rise buildings to keep children safe.

The health benefits of limiting motorised traffic in neighbourhoods is clear. I would suggest implementing LTNs at greater pace and with less public consultation.



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