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Cashless parking in Camden has caused great distress

26 July, 2019

• I’M dismayed at Camden switching to cashless parking. This has caused a great deal of stress.

I am aware it is the 21st century and everything seems to run electronically, but for those who have not and will not succumb to living through a smartphone, it leaves us no choice but to take taxis when shopping and such like.

So far I have received two penalty charge notices which I am currently appealing and I would urge those in a similar position to exercise their right to pursue this process also.

I feel in a bid to “simplify” parking no consideration has been given to people such as the elderly, the majority of whom do not pay for things via an “app” such as the “Ringo” for parking. This is a system that has been forced upon the residents of Camden.

I have written to the council leader Georgia Gould regarding this and have requested that the option of cash and contactless parking be reinstated for those who are not technology savvy.

I am yet to received a response and since I wrote in March this year I feel it is unlikely I will receive a response from Cllr Gould or her colleagues.

Such a simple matter of one retaining their independence and hopping into a car and spending the afternoon shopping without having to rely on family members has been taken away because there is no pay-and-display.

I do not possess a CAM area permit, as I have a bay outside my property and Camden do not permit residents to have both.

Given the high crime rates I would rather the bay outside so my CCTV covers my car rather than it being parked randomly within the CAM area.

I have chosen to remain anonymous so my refusal to conform to a technological world will not cause embarrassment to my young family members. I would love to hear the general feeling on the topics I have raised within this letter.

Congratulations on a wonderful newspaper – the highlight of my week is a Thursday!



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