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Celebrity doctor slams ‘irresponsible’ mega rich after monster cat sighting

Mother of four's fears as cat 'savages' rocking horse and tugs child's jumper in garden

30 September, 2019 — By Tom Foot

Dr Nirdosh: ‘I thought it was a cheetah.’ 

A CELEBRITY doctor has criticised “irresponsible” owners of a big cat spotted prowling around her children on Saturday.

Dr Neetu Nirdosh told the New Journal the cat was likely to be owned by neighbours living around Bishop’s Avenue and Highgate Golf Course.

The cheetah-style animal, which she said was as high “as my thigh”,  is believed to be a cross-breed designer cat coveted by the mega-rich.

Dr Nirdosh said: “I had to run out and get them to come back in the room, because they thought it was just a cat and wanted to play with it. It was opening its mouth really wide, and tugging on their jumper. I thought it was a cheetah. I dragged them inside and locked the door.

“We live up close to Bishop’s Avenue and Highgate Golf Course – it’s all kings and princes around here. Rich people seem to think they are invincible and they can just get away with anything – but it is very irresponsible.”

There were reports of a possible sighting of a big cat similar to the one spotted in Dr Nirdosh’s garden near Finchley Road this morning (Monday).

Experts have suggested it is a hybrid Savannah cat, which can cost £4000, and have distinct markings similar to cheetahs that roam free in the real savannah tropical grasslands of Africa. Bishop’s Avenue is famously regarded one of the wealthiest streets in the country because of its huge and flamboyant houses. A film, she shot from inside the safety of her home, shows the cat gnawing on the feet of a toy rocking horse out on the garden patio.

She said: “It stayed on the decking for about 20 minutes. It was only separated from us by the glass. Then it started savaging the horse. The kids hands are so tiny, it was really scary to think about it. It’s hard to see from the film but it went up to my thigh. It was as tall as one of my kids. If it was just a cat, why didn’t it have a collar?”

Dr Nirdosh, who has lived in Highgate for 15 years, runs a business helping celebrities defy the ageing process with cosmetic surgery and treatments.


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