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Changes to the road layout have caused major problems here

20 November, 2020

• WE have a dreadful safety hazard for bikes and pedestrians at the Junction of Prince of Wales Road and Harmood Street, which is causing frequent and dangerous near misses.

On November 16 there was a collision when a driver cut across the cycle lane hitting a bike carrying a cyclist and nearly running over a small child crossing the road – who was luckily snatched out of the way.

The driver then sped off down Harmood Street without stopping. Other incidents have happened at this junction.

Camden have tried to make things safer by separating cyclists from cars and raising pavement levels for pedestrians. Unfortunately it seems this has had the opposite effect at this location and others in the area.

Drivers turning left from Prince of Wales Road into Harmood Street now have to cut across a cycle path which is hidden to them by parked cars on their left.

They then have to cross the new, raised, brickwork pavement which is also hidden by the same parked cars. The parked cars are there legally, in bays outside the old Prince of Wales pub, on the outside of the cycle lane. They also block pedestrians from seeing when it’s safe to cross Harmood Street.

These parking bays need to go as soon as possible by overpainting the markings and putting in some bollards; stopping at this location for parking / loading should be made impossible so visibility is improved for everyone.

The new raised pavement at this junction means there are no kerbs, so children do not see the boundary between pavement and road and don’t know where to stop. This ambiguity increases the risk of an accident.

Kids can easily step out into oncoming vehicles who do not understand they are supposed to give way to pedestrians as well as other road users.

It is not safe to cross here, but there is no alternative without tackling similar hazards at other side road junctions on Prince of Wales Road. This really needs addressing.

The current arrangement is dangerous, putting cyclists and pedestrians at risk, and making things very difficult for drivers who can’t see them. The junction needs a zebra crossing, lights, or a no-entry into Harmood Street so people can cross safely.



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