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Chapel Market is evacuated after gas leak alert

18 May, 2018 — By Ellen O’Riordan

Firefighters at Chapel Market after the area was evacuated following reports workmen had accidentally hit a gas pipe

A GAS leak forced 150 stall owners and residents to ­evacuate a busy market area in Angel.

Firefighters and police were at the scene in Chapel Market at around 9am on Wednesday, following reports that workmen had accidentally hit a pipe.

Pedestrians were told to take an alternative route.

Fruit seller Dave Johnson, whose stall sits right outside the shop, said: “We smelled gas and the builders ran out of one of the shops.”

And Ron Granger, who owns the Key Stall, said: “The stall owners were stopping people from smoking. We put barriers up and stopped people passing.”

It took nearly three hours to resolve the situation, at which point stall owners were allowed to resume service and residents could return to their homes.

“I’ve lost money,” said jerk chicken seller Stardious Christie. “It’s been almost three hours of lost service. It’s hard because the market is dying.”

Mr Johnson added: “All the big companies will claim [insurance], but for us it’s not worth it.”

A London Fire Brigade statement said: “Met Police cordoned off an area of 25 metres. Around 150 people have been evacuated and road closures were in place. Firefighters capped the gas main and left it in the care of the gas authority.”


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