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10 May, 2019

Vaccination: readers are urged to educate themselves on this subject

• THANKS to the “vaccine scares” largely whipped up by our sensationalist press and an attention-seeking doctor, working sadly at my alma mater in Hampstead, who produced some fraudulent data to meet his own ends and was struck off as a result, we now have a generation of vaccine deniers who are prepared to ignore the truth backed by an overwhelming body of solid scientific evidence replicated all around the world.

I have a small number in my practice and no amount of pointing to the proper evidence will dissuade their beliefs. Some may choose to believe in alien abduction, the existence of fairies, or that Arsenal is a great football team; but these are harmless eccentricities.

Vaccine deniers are, however, dangerous. They perpetuate lies and infect the gullible who are cemented in their views by social media and self-appointed experts such as Magda Taylor (Today’s children are healthier, May 2), who quotes from a paper from 1959 and “another doctor” who mentioned something in 1968 about measles and antibiotics (by the way, measles is a virus and will not respond to antibiotics).

Quoting Ms Taylor, “I urge readers to educate themselves on this subject”. A great starting point is the Vaccine Knowledge Project from Oxford University – – which will answer any concerns about efficacy or safety (both of which are excellent by the way).



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