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Check the CCTV is working on your estate

17 September, 2021

CCTV system that had been non-operational for over a year was a ‘legacy fault’

• I HAD the catalytic converter stolen from my trusty 26-year-old Volvo six months ago during the night.

The car was parked in an off-road parking bay and, as suggested by the police, under bright lighting, close to security railings, and covered by Camden Council CCTV.

When the council were asked by police to supply CCTV footage that would have completely covered the area around my car, none was available.

After making further and pressing enquires, it turned out the complete estate CCTV system had been non-operational for over a year.

The council CCTV operators called it a “legacy fault” and did and do not know when CCTV on our estate (and probably others) would be operational again.

Had the CCTV system been functioning there was a very good chance police would have had some information to work with.

I would suggest other council estate tenants’ associations get guarantees that their CCTV systems are fully operational and not faulty.

Foxfield Flats
Arlington Road, NW1


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