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Cherished memories of the South Fairground site by the Heath

29 November, 2018

Jita Lukka’s Bren Cottage is named after her dog

• AS a former frequent visitor to the South Fairground site in the Vale of Health I felt a little sad when it was sold off, (Bren Cottage: Peek inside home next to Hampstead Heath which council says must come down, November 22).

I do wish all the best to whomever is going to live there and I hope they love it as much it has been for well over 20 years. However the new owner, Jita Lukka, has “reconstructed” a proper cottage on the site, clearing most of the trees within the compound.

How peaceful it must be without so many birds! There was never running water or electricity; water was stored in big plastic containers and electricity provided by an extension from the caravan site. They used public loos in the day and had camping-style loos for the night.

The shack was built on wooden pallets using mostly recycled materials; but what was most special, it was constructed around the existing trees. It was quite magical to sit on a sofa in a shack next to tree trunks.

Many poems, songs and friendships have stemmed from that magical, once hidden, little nest of land by the pond. We will cherish those memories for the rest of our lives.



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