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Clap for the NHS not the lazy GPs

22 May, 2020

• I’M a London minicab driver for a leading London-wide firm. I am working through these challenging times. Most of our corporate clients aren’t around and business is very quiet.

However a lot of work is coming from various bits of the National Health Service, primarily renal units (dialysis nurses, and sometimes patients), but also mental heath, ambulance drivers and others from hospitals.

It seems that these parts of the NHS are working in these tough times. One glaring omission are the general practitioners. For no medical reasons they have chosen not to see patients at all.

I was shocked to learn of this when I called my GP’s surgery to get an appointment for a medical examination for the renewal of my public hire licence from Transport for London. It is due soon and without a medical examination I won’t be able to renew and may be out of work.

For this they charge a fee of £90, but because of the coronavirus crisis they won’t see me or any patients at all. It’s only telephone consultations.

Are GPs a special, fragile and a protected breed? Why shouldn’t the rest of the NHS choose not up see any patients? Why should I risk my life to drive keys workers home?

This is two-tier NHS. GPs are simply being lazy and not doing their jobs. The rest of the NHS I can commend. But not our lazy GPs. No clapping for GPs!



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