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Consultation is now taking place on early years funding

16 February, 2017

• FOLLOWING your front page article (Childcare: a great divide, February 9) – see right – I would like to make readers aware of a consultation that is now taking place on funding for early years in Camden.

We are consulting parents and childcare providers (schools, nurseries and childminders) about the changes that the government is making to funding for Camden’s early years, which will make it unaffordable for us to continue to provide a universal offer of 30 free hours for all three- and four-year-olds in Camden schools and council-run nurseries.

Although, as your article highlights, working parents, including those with combined salaries of up to £200,000, will benefit from the government’s plans to provide 30 hours’ care for children of working parents, parents who may be looking or training for work will lose out.

To help those parents and to help ensure all Camden children have access to nursery classes, the consultation also asks for views on a proposal to provide 15 extra hours for the children of those who would have benefited from the disadvantaged two-year-old offer ( This group includes many vulnerable children and parents receiving benefits who would be excluded from the government scheme.

Justice seems to be in short supply in the world today, but we hope that these proposals will help to ensure that all children in Camden can start from a level playing field.

To find out more about our proposals and to have your say visit our website at

Local parents, residents and childcare providers have until midnight on March 5 to respond.

Cabinet Member for Children


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