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‘Consultation’ on the future of Carlton school is flawed

07 August, 2020

Carlton Primary School 

• AS a former chair of governors of Carlton school I have followed with increasing alarm the so-called “consultation” led by Cllr Angela Mason on the proposed closure of the school – not merger as the headline of your otherwise helpful report states, (Town Hall to discuss school mergers, July 30).

As a newly-appointed governor, Cllr Jenny Mulholland, clearly states, “It is important this is not sewn up as a done deal”. In fact the “consultation” to date indicates that “sewn up” it is.

The proposal was first announced out of the blue by the council to the school in mid-October last year. But it was not until March that Cllr Mason and council leader Georgia Gould “found the time” to meet anxious parents.

Then it was July, only days before the end of the summer term, that cabinet member Mason put in writing for the parents the so-called merger proposals.

The paper for the cabinet will be published on August 24 and the committee will meet on September 3 to make its decision.

Unfortunately, the school will not reopen until after this date and the parents will have no chance to meet to discuss whatever is in the paper.

The council spokesperson is quoted as saying that consultations would only begin “when we are confident that meaningful people engagement could take place”.

Since the meeting on September 3 will set out the closure / merger proposals and start the process to sew up the deal is during school holiday time this gives parents no opportunity to suggest alternatives. How can this be “meaningful people engagement”?

The process is flawed and like many the results will no doubt be ignored if they do not concur with Cllr Mason’s “sewn-up” model. Perhaps she would care to comment.



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