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Corbyn is anti-racist and Labour is our only hope

05 September, 2019

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn 

• IT is absurd that people are making allegations of anti-semitism against the Labour Party and its leader. Jeremy Corbyn has always fought against all types of racism including anti-semitism.

It was not that long ago that the extreme right-wing was constantly making statements denying the Holocaust took place or that it was exaggerated. Jeremy Corbyn has always confronted anti-semitism.

I believe most of these allegations are being made to undermine the Labour Party and its leadership, as since 2015 the Labour Party has evolved from a New Labour right-wing party that was in government from 1997 to 2010 not achieving as much as it could have done, as there were no advanced policies, to a progressive party that is now for the many, not the few, that has policies for free education, tackling the housing catastrophe much more social housing, rent controls and fair contracts, proper NHS funding, workers’ rights, scrapping zero-hour contracts, increasing minimum wage, tax avoidance £100billion per year, and much more.

This country has millions of people in poverty. It’s a disgrace. Millions of kids are going to school on empty stomachs, millions depend on food banks, it looks very likely that the Tories will push up the retirement age to 75.

What will it be next? The poor back to the workhouse for families in poverty, or elderly that can no longer physically do work?

Labour is the only progressive party that is for the many not the few. Please don’t let anything undermine it or we will sink lower and lower as a nation. Labour offer progression the Tories regression which one do you want?

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