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Could we emerge from this crisis fitter?

22 May, 2020

Illustration by John Sadler

• THE Second World War left its UK survivors fitter and more trim, thanks to the tight rationing of food.

So am I being stupidly optimistic in believing that the Covid-19’s legacy will be a more healthy surviving population.

First our parks and green spaces are filled as never before with puffing, sweaty humans.

Second by washing our hands more frequently we are making life harder for all kinds of viruses and bacteria.

But most importantly the relative scarcity of fast food and yukky takeaways has led to many of us rediscovering that bit of our homes that houses the oven and hob.

Your Eating In columnist Tom Moggach last week went a step further and told us how to grow our own micro-greens.

What better time to ditch the unhealthy fat-filled, salt-sated convenience food that has lured us into obesity over the past 50 years?

The multi-billion-pound fast-food industry would suffer, of course. But can’t we retrain burger flippers as fitness coaches?



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