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Council proposals really hit those who need visitors’ car parking

08 August, 2019

• I SUPPORT protests about Camden Council’s threat to withdraw scratch-card visitor parking permits, (Cashless parking in Camden has caused great distress, July 25, and Time for victims of technology to fight back? August 1).

West Hampstead’s Amenity and Transport group (WHAT), very strongly opposes Camden’s proposal which would exclude significant numbers of those most in need of “visitors”, be they family members, friends or essential workmen or women, for instance.

We have made a comprehensive submission to the council in advance of the public consultation it is to carry out, which has not yet started.

In consequence we are collecting objections from our membership, some of whom have no access to the internet, and any member of the wider Camden public who would like to add their voice to ours.

For those who can email with or without help, the address is For those who would prefer to write, the address is: WHAT, c/o 12 Sumatra Road, NW6 1PU.

Chair, Environmental Sub-Group, WHAT

Secretary, WHAT


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