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Councillor’s tweet was flippant and arrogant

17 January, 2020

• ON January 5 2020 Labour councillor Richard Olszewski tweeted a photo of Iranian politicians chanting “death to America” and captioned it: “Looks like a meeting of Tehran Momentum.”

I wonder if Cllr Olszewski has ever attended a Momentum meeting? I have attended several and found them intellectually very stimulating.

Nobody has ever suggested “death” to anybody, let alone to a whole country. The mood of all meetings which I attended was respectful and disciplined.

With due respect, Cllr Olszewski’s tweet is as ignorant as arrogant. It is also unacceptably insulting to Momentum members in Cllr Olszewski’s ward (and elsewhere in Camden).

Surely as a Labour councillor Richard Olszewski should have more respect for party members (including Momentum members) than his flippant tweet suggests.



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