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Councillors want more pay for poorer performance

05 September, 2019

• IT is ironic that Camden Council executive members are in line for big pay increases at a time when many local residents are expressing anger at poor council performances, (Senior councillors under fire over ‘inflation-busting’ pay increases, August 21).

For more than 12 years they have been neglectful in rectifying faulty signage in blocks of council flats after fire risk assessors identify such issues as:

• Fire exit signage does not conform to H&S signs and signals regulations 1996.

• Fire doors are not fitted with fire notices complying with the above.

• Fire exit signs missing. Fire Action notices missing.

* Water extinguisher signs missing.

And there is a lack of appropriate no smoking signage for external fire escapes.

Plastic signage is affordable and is easy to affix, yet Camden always turns a blind eye to Health and Safety. For example the Mornington Court fire exit signage is 20 years out of date.

Mornington Court, NW1


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