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Couple stage a nuclear alert in Archway

17 May, 2019

Ruth Bennett (Hilda) and Gary Hughes (Jim)

ACTIVISTS from Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament staged an updated version of an anti-war film at Archway’s Navigator Square on Friday.

The troupe, who call themselves the Mad Hatters, acted out scenes from Raymond Briggs’ When the Wind Blows, which tells the story of an elderly couple whose daily life is devastated by nuclear fallout.

The aim of the public performance was to raise awareness of the dangers of nuclear weapons. Ruth Bennett and Gary Hughes played pensioners Hilda and Jim, who find themselves suffering from radiation poisoning, even after following government-issued advice.

The nuclear bombs were dropped by actors wearing masks showing the faces of Putin and Trump. “We’re in a world where nuclear war can still happen without urgent disarmament,” said Ms Bennett.

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