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‘Courageous’ police officer leads neighbours to safety in Prince of Wales Road fire

"Another example of emergency services doing an excellent job," says neighbour

30 March, 2017 — By William McLennan

More than 30 firefighters battled the blaze

A POLICE officer who arrived on the scene of the blaze seconds after flames burst through the windows has been praised for his “gallant” efforts to move neighbours to safety.

PC Ben Beattie was passing the fire in Prince of Wales Road in his patrol car on Monday night when he jumped into action.

Sean Deodat, who arrived at the scene shortly after the fire erupted, said: “He was brilliant. It was gallant behaviour.

“The flames were pouring out the window, bits of debris were falling everywhere and he was banging on people’s doors and staying there to get them out.

“That’s what you call a proper policeman. That is outstanding. He suffered from smoke inhalation slightly, but he was on the ball. He acted courageously and without thinking about himself.”

Roger Moran, whose home was saved by the speedy intervention of the fire brigade, thanked all those called to the scene.

Mr Moran was among the first to dial 999 after hearing a thud in the derelict home next door as he put his young children to bed.

“It’s another example of the emergency services doing an excellent job,” he said.

Detective Superintendent Stuart Ryan said: “Due to the prompt response of the London Fire Brigade, who arrived just three minutes after the first call, and the local police, who despite the conditions evacuated the surrounding houses promptly, no residents were harmed and the fire was dealt with effectively.”


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