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Crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks… no wonder our kids are obese

12 January, 2018

‘The root causes of childhood obesity aren’t being dealt with’

• DESPITE repeated campaigns to tackle childhood obesity, the numbers of overweight children continue to rise (New bid to tackle child obesity, January 5).

That’s not surprising because the root causes aren’t being dealt with. Children are being bombarded daily with adverts for sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks. Those adverts should be reduced drastically.

The amount of sugar children are consuming is rotting their teeth. Dentists are having to extract far too many teeth. There’s nothing wrong with eating a few sweets or chocolates occasionally as a treat.

Parents have a duty to restrict the amount that children eat, but to ask working-class parents in particular to “look for 100-calorie snacks” is unrealistic.

Many children don’t eat nearly enough fresh vegetables and fruit, mainly because a lot of parents simply don’t know how to cook properly.

They were never taught basic cookery in school, so it’s not surprising they can’t and don’t pass that knowledge on to their children. More needs to be done to educate people in healthy eating.

Also, what is the point of telling parents not to buy certain unhealthy foods when the shelves of every shop and supermarket are loaded with these things? The food and drinks industry is in the business of selling as much of its products as it can shift.

This Tory government is never going to stand up to these large suppliers. Are any of the other political parties going to do so?

Brecknock Road, N19


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