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Cumberbatch and Sherlock gang return to Speedy’s Sandwich Bar

Fans get chance to meets stars of hit detective drama

05 April, 2019 — By Helen Chapman

Benedict Cumberbatch, shaved head, makes a quick getaway, while Una Stubbs stops for a selfie

SHERLOCK star Benedict Cumberbatch and some of his co-stars were back in Baker Street on Friday, or for those who have cracked the case of the mystery filming location: North Gower Street.

Excited fans were outside the Speedy’s Sandwich Bar hoping to see the actor, who was taking part in a charity event for Comic Relief inside.

Despite being a fair walk from the real Baker Street, the road is used for filming of the hit BBC show, with Sherlock’s flat above the café.

Louise Brealey meets the fans and below, Sherlock fans: Brianna Ellis, Marla Peterson and Natalie Ellis

Mr Cumberbatch, who lives in Highgate, was having breakfast with fellow stars Una Stubbs, who plays landlady Mrs Hudson, Louise Brealey who plays Molly Hooper, and the producer of the series, Mark Gatiss. Brianna Ellis, 18, was among the small crowd that gathered outside Speedy’s.

Mark Gatiss

Brianna, who is on holiday in London from the US, said: “I’m just overwhelmed. I fell in love with the Sherlock series two years ago and now I am a huge fan. To randomly meet them or even just be 20 feet away from them is so awesome. We just randomly picked here for breakfast.”

Natalie Ellis, Brianna’s mum, said: “We were paying the cheque for the Sherlock platter we had for breakfast and were told the film crew were coming so we stayed behind.”


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