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Cuts add up to a loss of funding of £480 per pupil per annum

06 June, 2019

• I READ with interest and mounting concern your report outlining how Camden primaries have been affected by funding cuts, (Primary schools warn they can no longer pay for replacements when staff leave, May 30).

My two children attend Gospel Oak Primary and I have recently received a letter from the school asking for our patience and understanding as resources diminish.

You reported on how Gospel Oak is being propped up by staff giving away their time; taking on extra duties for no additional pay. The fact that children’s education is dependent on the good will of staff is shameful for the government.

The school cuts website ( indicates that funding has been dropping year on year at primary schools throughout Camden.

The average loss of funding per pupil is £480 a year. This figure called to mind the meagre allocation made by Philip Hammond in the autumn 2018 Budget. He granted schools £400million to cover “those little extras”.

The fact that he thinks schools are in the market for “extras” and that what amounts to roughly £10,000 per primary school would not cover the annual loss of income to even one class out of 14 in each school, shows how out of touch the government is on the social impact of their austerity policy.

The funding cuts for schools are putting our children’s futures under threat. It will prevent children from reaching their full potential.

It disadvantages the already disadvantaged. It impacts social mobility. I’m really pleased that you have been able to remind people what’s happening to our schools.

Woodsome Road, NW5


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