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Cycle lanes boost safety

04 April, 2019

‘The installation of segregated cycle tracks can dramatically improve the safety’

• IN her report about the public meeting on Transport for London’s plans for a protected cycle route on Camden Road (‘Madness’ to create a cycle lane the length of ‘Death Mile’ road, March 28), your journalist reported only her interviews with those who opposed the plans, despite her having interviewed locals who are wholly supportive.

Camden Road is undeniably a dangerous road currently for pedestrians and cyclists, but there is no substance to the argument that it is therefore “madness” to create a cycle lane there. TfL have already demonstrated elsewhere that the installation of segregated cycle tracks can dramatically improve the safety and attractiveness of a major road for all.

Perhaps your reporter and those she spoke to haven’t had the opportunity to witness the big improvements in safety and calmness for everyone in TfL’s new schemes, such as the CS6 route between King’s Cross and Elephant and Castle via Farringdon Road, Blackfriars Bridge and Blackfriars Road or the east-west cycle route through the City and along the Embankment.

It is hard to credit that someone living on Camden Road would want its current race track nature to continue unabated. It is well established that reduced motor traffic speeds result in fewer collisions, much-reduced pollution and lower noise levels.

Regarding the suggestion that “cyclists should use back-streets”, it should be noted that many people use bicycles to make everyday journeys on Camden Road because it is more direct than “back-street” routes. The latest Department for Transport traffic survey showed 1,800 people cycling there on an average day.

The installation of a segregated lane would undoubtedly result in more people choosing to make their daily journeys by cycling, with well-known benefits both to their long-term health and to the environment, as well as making it much safer for those who already do so.

On March 21 you reported on a Bafta-winning actor calling on TfL to put a 20mph speed limit on Camden Road; on calls for major improvements following the latest collision which had resulted in life-threatening injuries to another a pedestrian, quoting Councillor Danny Beale’s comment that this and other collisions on Camden Road showed an “urgent need for Transport for London to deliver the proposed cycle scheme and crossing improvements”.

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