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Cyclists seem to think they can do what they like

15 October, 2020

Illustration by John Sadler

• THE October 8 letter headline “Cyclists should not bully the walkers” was most apt in a different context.

Your correspondent Brian Benjamin is concerned about the safety of pedestrians in the absence of traffic islands, but the headline applies equally to those repeat and frequent offenders of cyclists riding on pavements and risking their lives by ignoring red traffic lights, and with no lights at night.

It is frightening for car drivers suddenly to come upon a cyclist in the shadows without lights. This is an ongoing danger and nuisance, apart from being illegal.

The Evening Standard recently carried around five letters in two consecutive editions complaining about the problem and danger to pedestrians, the elderly, mothers with children and partially sighted people, yet nothing is done by the police, councils, or Transport for London or the mayor to discourage this and prosecute offenders.

It is noticeable Camden Cycling Campaign is in bed with Camden Council, but there is no sign of their taking action or publicity among their fraternity to discourage pavement cycling or other offences.

Until a number are prosecuted for doing so and their fines and offences are widely published, in newspapers, hoardings, radio and TV adverts, it seems nothing will be done.

Riders seem to think they can do what they like irrespective of the law. Their arrogance sickens me. When are the authorities going to do something?

What is needed is huge roadside and bus shelter posters stating that pavement cycling is dangerous and illegal, as is ignoring red lights.

We have all had the wearing of face masks hammered into our brains with adverts. The same technique is needed against cyclists’ offences, so that they are publicly shamed.

A very good reason too for all cyclists to have a compulsory registration plate so they can be reported. Camden and TfL, please respond.



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