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Cyclists warn road plan for Mornington Crescent is ‘deeply flawed’

27 June, 2019 — By Samantha Booth

CAMDEN cyclists say a design to change a “very intimidating” Mornington Crescent junction is “deeply flawed”.

John Chamberlain, coordinator at Camden Cycling Campaign, said while they support Transport for London’s intervention at Harrington Square and Lidlington Place, they cannot support the proposed set up.

TfL want to bring in a segregated cycle lane between Hampstead Road and Eversholt Street, alongside a new 20mph speed limit and a new zebra crossing.

Mr Chamberlain said: “It is an unpleasant and pot­en­tially dangerous place for cyclists and we wel­come TfL’s intervention in principle. How­ever, the current proposal is deeply flawed and we cannot support it as designed. The main problem is that there is no way for cyclists to enter Hamp­stead Road to travel south, neither from Mornington Crescent nor from the proposed new track on Harrington Square.”

He added: .“Cyclists will arrive at the island opposite Morn­ington Crescent with no way to cross to head south on Hampstead Road.”

A crossing is needed there, he added, which they did propose in a previous conversation with TfL in 2016.

He added that cyclists trying to enter the track at the east end from Oakley Square will have to “fight” their way across two lanes of turning traffic.

Mr Chamberlain praised the eastbound cycle track and the new zebra cross­ing halfway along the road.

Sam Monck, TfL’s head of network sponsorship, said: “Our plans for Harrington Square, including the new, protected, two-way cycle track along the south side of the square, would make it safer and easier to get around the area by cycle and on foot.”

He added: “We welcome feedback from everybody on our plans and all comments and suggestions received will be carefully considered as we develop our designs further.”

The consultation on the proposed plans runs until tomorrow (Friday).


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