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Dame Tessa Jowell deserves respect not personal abuse

07 June, 2018

Dame Tessa Jowell

• MANY congratulations to your colleagues and yourself on the recent press awards, they are well deserved. An exceptional feature of the New Journal is the Letters section.

Sadly, however, both the letters and the general news pages have been full of personal abuse in recent weeks. The nadir was reached in what was, in effect, a personal attack on the reputation of someone recently deceased.

That is what the objections regarding a planned moment of silence in memory of Dame Tessa Jowell amount to, (‘Smear’ accusations as Labour clash over Dame Tessa silence, May 31). Reports of what occurred differ, apparently according to the political views of the person supplying the “news”.

I never met Dame Tessa and I am not a member of her political party. In addition I disagreed with several of her decisions when she was a government minister, but her record of service means she deserves respect.

With their hands on their hearts, no one can deny that she was an effective and popular politician, and her reputation was further enhanced by her bravery in her final months. Shame on the dissenters.

Regent’s Park Road, NW1


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