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Dan Carrier’s movie news: Kubrick’s 2001; Nae Pasaran – how Scottish workers defied the Chilean air force

02 November, 2018 — By Dan Carrier

2001: Kubrik’s 1968 odyssey

• Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey is being shown to mark the film’s 40th anniversary at the Science Museum on their giant IMAX screen. It runs from November 1-24. See

• To Glasgow, where a group of heroic, clued-up aeroplane engineers decided in 1974 that they would down tools and not work on a set of aircraft engines owned by the murderous General Pinochet regime in Chile.

Their story is now told in the wittily named film Nae Pasaran, by director Felipe Bustos Sierra. It tells the story today of how this group of Scottish pensioners discover the effect of them sticking to their principles had across the oceans. Bob Fulton was a Rolls-Royce engine inspector.

He had found out that a Chilean Air Force engine had arrived at his factory for servicing and repairs – but no way is he going to let it get to the work bench for a service as he knows all about the violence, murder and oppression the Pinochet regime are in the midst of.

He knows these jets have been bombing the people of Santiago, and he will not have their blood on his or his colleagues’ hands. He knows he might be sacked. He knows this will cause trouble – but he takes a moral stance.

What an inspiring story, and an inspiring film: a lesson for us today, as we see the far right raise its ugly head around the world and ask ourselves: how can we be more Bob Fulton?


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