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Dan Carrier’s movies news: Bingo: The King of the Morning

14 December, 2017 — By Dan Carrier

Vladimir Brichta as Augusto

IT takes a brave or foolhardy film studio to decide to release their movie in a week when it’s all about The Force.

So maybe it is no surprise the offerings for our cinematic pleasure are indie flicks and foreign language numbers that are so different from The Last Jedi they will attract people who wouldn’t put a Star Wars film on their cultural radar. Bingo: The King of the Mornings is a Brazilian film based on the true story of a popular TV entertainer.

Augusto (Vladimir Brichta) is an actor keen for the limelight. After the drudgery of making a living in soap operas and soft porn, low-budget flicks, he lands a dream part as Bingo the Clown on telly.

He is a hit – but has a clause in his contract that he can’t reveal who the actor beneath the clown face really is.

With issues over his parenting abilities, the pressures of fame and a penchant for illegal substances, Bingo’s smile is painted on and beneath it things are less fun… absorbing stuff. Meanwhile, The Prince of Nothingwood, directed by Sonia Kronlund, tells the story of Afghanistan’s prolific actor, director and producer Salim Shaheen, who has been involved in over 100 films and is a household name.

Kronlund, a French film-maker, was in Afghanistan working on current affairs documentaries when she heard about the actor and manages to put together a touching portrait of the magic of film in a country that needs the escapism provided by the medium as much as anywhere on earth.


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