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Dan Carrier’s movies news: How I Got Sober

25 October, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

Film-maker Maddie Kitchen

HOW I Got Sober is a new documentary by Hampstead-based film-maker Maddie Kitchen – and the award-winning short is set to be screened next week at the Horse Hospital.

The film gives the opportunity for people fighting alcoholism to talk about their experiences – and follows Maddie’s personal interest, both as someone who has fought alcohol addiction and by using her work as a film director to give a voice to those whose stories otherwise would not be heard.

It features two people, Kate and Warren, who talk frankly about alcoholism.

Warren, now 53 and 13 years sober, reveals how 25 years of drinking saw him homeless – but he found his way to AA and spent the next four years visiting the sessions each day.

The film reveals how far a journey he has been on to beat the addiction.

Kate, 39 and four months sober at the time of filming, also delves into her past to consider what drove her to drink – and how she came to terms with her behaviour.

Maddie talks of her reliance on alcohol, and how it spurred on the creation of production company Sobriety Films.

“We make films that encourage debate and raise awareness about the issues happening around the UK,” she says.

“Our focus is the hidden agenda and buried stories of individuals and communities.”

How I Got Sober is on at 6pm on Monday, October 28, at the Horse Hospital, Colonnade, WC1N 1JD


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