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Dan Carrier’s movies news: My Friend The Polish Girl

18 July, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

AN email popped into the Review HQ this week, direct from the makers of film called My Friend The Polish Girl.

They set out to explain the background to their feature, a fictional story about a film-maker, Katie, who finds a subject for a documentary that tells of life in London in the shape of Alicia (Aneta Piotrowska, pictured), a 32-year-old woman from Poland who lives just off Edgware Road.

She is set to become the subject of a film whose narrative is not quite defined when we join them, but will become so as the lead reveals more about herself. It is a character study of life in London during Brexit limbo, and made so well it appears to have confused a number of critics as to what exactly the film is.

“I know this film is something very different,” says co-writer and director Ewa Banaszkiewicz.

“It looks and feels like a documentary but is purely fictional. We were horrified to see it referred to as a ‘docudrama’. Additionally, audiences often somehow see the lead actress as a vulnerable non-actor: she is, in fact, a CBeebies presenter and professional actress, who simply pulled off a convincing performance.

My Friend the Polish Girl even mistakenly qualified as a documentary for the DMZ FF in South Korea.”


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