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Dan Carrier’s movies news: Nae Pasaran; Of Love and Law,

02 March, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

Of Love and Law

ONE for your diaries: On Tuesday, March 19, the wonderful documentary Nae Pasaran is being screened at the Highgate Library Civic and Cultural Centre in Croftdown Road, N19. The film tells the story of how a group of aircraft engineers in Scotland realised that they were being asked to service war planes used by General Pinochet’s violent, right-wing regime in Chile – so they downed tools and said no. The film charts their story, shows how they took a moral approach and did the right thing – with interviews and a look at what they achieved, this is a brilliantly made film that in today’s climate has added resonance. It tells us that our actions as individuals can make a difference – and we are morally obliged to apply a code of ethics to how we live our lives and earn our livings. Inspirational.

Of Love and Law is a documentary (out this week) about Fumi and Kazuyuki Minami, a married couple who run a law firm in Japan. They happen to be gay – and their practice has earned a reputation for helping people being persecuted for non-conforming. This ranges from an artist arrested on obscenity charges for her works that feature vaginas, to a teacher who was sacked when she did not stand during the national anthem. Director Hikaru Toda has made a film that shows a pair of intelligent, caring humans – you’d want them on your side if you were ever in need of a good lawyer.


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