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Dan Carrier’s movies news: Our alternative Oscars go to…

09 March, 2018 — By Dan Carrier

Jason Isaacs as Field Marshal Zhukov in The Death of Stalin

SO, the red carpet has been rolled up, the lights turned down, and the gold statues placed on various toilet window ledges for another year. Instead of pondering how the passable (but not all that) The Shape Of Water could scoop the top gong, or suggesting Gary Oldman’s turn as Churchill in Darkest Hour was a nice enough impression but nothing as engrossing as Sam Claflin in Journey’s End, here is The Review’s own awards.

Best setting: Good Time, the New York crime thriller starring Robert Pattinson, was packed with urban decay and included one of the best interiors portraying a drug dealer’s sitting room ever committed to film.

Best ear worm: Baby Driver – in a film packed with music, the title track, by Simon and Garfunkel, has been hummed for months and months at Review Towers.

Worst accent: Take your pick from any of the A-listers in Red Sparrow. From Charlotte Rampling to Jeremy Irons, the cod Russian lines spouted in this tacky spy tale were drama school audition failure bad.

Best outfit: Jason Isaacs’ role playing foul-mouthed Field Marshal Zhukov was a scene stealer in The Death of Stalin – and the comedy value of the breastful of medals worked a treat.

Silliest hairstyle: Hugh Grant was ace in Paddington 2, and his range of bouffant quiffs quite exceptional.

Most implausible plot: Congrats to the well-received middle-class angstfest that was The Party. With a cast of British luvvies, it crams into 71 minutes a series of life-changing events. If only north London dinners really were this interesting.


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