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Dan Carrier’s movies news: The Escape; The Eyes of Orson Welles

02 August, 2018 — By Dan Carrier

GEMMA Arterton, pictured, has always had to fight off the typecasters who set about her after an early career appearance as a Bond girl.

She had trouble doing it when she chose films such as Gemma Bovery and Tamara Drewe – both thoughtful and with literary connotations, of course, but still giving her lily-livered lines that did not allow any real exploration of character.

In The Escape, by Dominic Savage, Arterton plays the role of a woman imprisoned in a daily cycle of domestic hell.

Tara (Arterton) has the trappings of what we consider perhaps make one happy: the house, car, successful partner and children. But she also lacks anything that she feels defines her as a person – no outside interests that can provide stimulation or escape.

Husband Mark (Dominic Cooper) is a terrific boor and Cooper’s work here is excellent – but this is the Arterton show. Her portrayal of how depression can strike anyone at any time and in any circumstances is convincing.

Look out next week for the release of the documentary The Eyes of Orson Welles.

Director Mark Cousins uses a facet of Welles’ life that is not always celebrated – his work as a painter and sketcher – to argue (convincingly) that it inspired and shaped his film style.

Importantly, Cousins, through his love letter to Welles, shows how his work is achingly relevant now as he turned on fascism and tyranny.

He helped stiffen American resolve when it was needed most. Cousins suggests he’d have a field day taking apart the neo-fascism of the American right today.


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