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Dan Carrier’s movies news: The Top Dog; Ready or Not

26 September, 2019 — By Dan Carrier

HEAD to the splendid Conway Hall in Holborn this coming week for a film festival with a difference.

The Top Dog is described as a “cinematic celebration of dogs and their people” and has a number of short films celebrating the canine world.

Look out for The Doggist (above), the story of Elias Friedman, who has photographed more than 30,000 dogs and has learned how to mimic a woof with uncanny accuracy.

Featuring everything from the scruffy street dogs to pooches that live the high life, the festival is a wonderful antidote to a grim world.

“Humans and dogs share a precious, heart-warming bond, and this brand-new collection of films celebrates the canine companions that enrich our lives,” says festival director Nell Teasdale.


• Andie MacDowell, whose last really big film was Groundhog Day, stars in a bonkers horror movie called Ready or Not. The Le Domas family are rather loaded, and behind their rich facade lies a secret based on a blood-lust and Satanic rituals.

Grace (Samara Weaving) married into the tribe when she got hitched to Alex (Mark O’Brien). Rather than cut a cake and pop some champers, dad and mom (McDowell and Henry Czerny) welcome their new daughter by setting up a deathly game to see if she might be worthy of the family surname.

And if they can’t do her in before sunrise on her wedding night, the family’s pact with the Devil will mean curtains for the clan.

A high-budget horror comedy with plenty of splatter.


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