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Deborah Lavin will be missed

03 April, 2020

• TO everyone who knew Deborah Lavin, I am so upset and shocked to read that our lovely Deborah has sadly died, (One week with John Gulliver, March 26).

She was not only the most affectionate, caring, and kind person, but so intelligent and knowledgeable on so many subjects (even the Romillys!) and a great educator, who also shared my interest in genealogy, tracing her own family back to Charlemagne!

I shall miss her greatly, along with all of those who had the pleasure of meeting Deborah.

I send my most sincere sympathy to Deborah’s family, especially her grandson, who I know she loved so dearly (from my own grandson, Ted, who she was so kind to when she met him at the Old St Pancras Church). Typical Deborah, I shan’t forget her.

With deepest sympathy.



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