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Deciding not to use your vote is no solution

03 May, 2018

• I AM saddened by the letter from the black British woman who says that, as a result of the racism she has suffered and the Windrush scandal, she will no longer vote, (At 55, born and bred here, I’m still targeted for being black, April 26).

Clearly it comes from a place of deep hurt and anger, to which she is entitled. Yet many white Britons feel shocked and shamed at the Windrush scandal, and do not recognise it as having any part in the country we know and love.

Something very evil was released with the Brexit vote. The only way to stop it spreading is not to turn our backs on democracy, in despair, but to use the little bit of individual power we all have at the polls.

As Millicent Fawcett the suffragist said: “Courage calls to courage everywhere.” It’s never easy to be brave, especially if you feel as hurt as your correspondent. However only courage can help to heal this.



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