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04 October, 2018

Cartoon by John Sadler

• LET’S get one fact very clear: the only person who can deliver a baby is a labouring mother, (Five-minutes warning as police help deliver a new baby girl, September 27). Ask any midwife.

Yet the press always has a story about a policeman, taxi driver, lorry driver, postman, fireman – you name him and he’s delivered a baby.

Even some obstetricians claim to have delivered babies, but unless they were female and in labour themselves they were not delivering babies. (Caesarean births are an exception).

Damned with faint praise, the police – one a woman, no less, who might have known better – stated: “Really the hard work was done by the mother.”

Should you find yourself in the presence of a birthing mother who has been caught out in an inappropriate place:

a) protect her privacy;

b) call for an ambulance;

c) comfort her by talking to her at her face end.

Never interfere with the process, never cut the umbilical, wait for the placenta to birth, help her hold the bundle together while waiting for the ambulance.



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