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Dementia should not be treated lightly, I know as an 87-year-old carer

07 June, 2018

• DEMENTIA Action Week, why was this important elderly malady event not given wider coverage?

I can assure you this condition should not be treated lightly.

Recently, at the age of 87, and being my housebound 88-year-old husband’s sole carer for the past six years, mental cracks appeared in me.

During my weekly shopping, I left my full shopping trolley in one shop, went to another and took a loaf of bread from a shelf, and attempted to walk away without paying.

I was stopped and only then did I realise that my trolley (containing the shopping money) was missing!

I had to hurry back to retrieve it and then asked the next and last shop to keep an eye on me, to help me out.

My son took over weekly shopping for us until I “settled”. Now I stick to one shop at a time!

A wicked condition, dementia.

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